South Florida Gardening

Mid-to-late November is such a thrilling time in a South Florida garden – when the seedlings have taken off and are on their way to becoming established as full-fledged plants. It won’t be long before we are beginning to harvest and enjoy our organic vegetables and herbs.

So here is a picture essay, highlighting some of what we are growing now as each plant glistens in the morning dew. What could be more uplifting than to greet our seedlings and plants in the crispness and solitude of the early morning? It certainly opens our hearts to the gratitude befitting of this Thanksgiving season.

Here’s hoping you enjoy these takes, “fresh from Florida”!

Arugula plants with morning dewdrops

Arugula (or rocket)

Watercress plants with dewdrops up close

Garden cress

Pepper plant with morning dewdrops

Pepper plant

Garlic chives with morning dewdrops

Garlic chives

Swiss chard plant with morning dewdrops


Scallions plants with morning dewdrops


Lacinato (dinosaur) kale plant with morning dewdrops

Lacinato or dinosaur kale

Galilee spinach seedlings

Galilee spinach

A weed glistening with dewdrops

Just a weed – glistening!

Tomato plant leaves with dew on the tips

Tomato plant

Sage plant with garlic chives in background


Bean plant with purple flowers

Bean plant

Young cabbage plants with morning dew on leaves


HAPPY THANKSGIVING, EVERYONE!! Hope this is a time when you will enjoy the love of family and friends (and some good food too!).